The Mamba Mentality Challenge With Nike

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Hello and welcome. Earlier this week I was checking out the notification I get from Nike and saw this mama a mentality challenge whuch ends Sunday the 30th August 2020.

I had no intention of running as mother nature decided to reavel it face on thursday. The pain was unbareable and so I thought I will not be doing any running this weekend as I have already done 4 run 2 miles each making 8 miles in total.

I tend to sleep quite alot when mother nature visits but on the morning of Saturday the 29th August I was determined to get the mamba badge achievement and it did not come easy.

To get the badge you had to complete 8.24 km by the 30 August 2020 from the 24th August 2020. The runs could be have been completed in bits within the week stated. I actually completed my run non stop as I always do.

My average pace is 10:45 per mile however I intended to take it very easy and so my pace was 12:00 per mile. I must say this was a very relaxing one.

I did just that and got my badge. It took a while for one of my legs to recover however it was a good run and I enjoyed it.

Right aafter my run I came across the news of the pass of Chadwick Boseman. I pray that the Lord comforts his family and wife during this difficult time. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman. 🕊️

Until next time, #TakeTheChallenge.



Introducing: My First Thrifted Transformation Project

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Hello and welcome to my blog. So as you may know I recently decided to be more of content creator or creative and have picked up sewing. This is something I wanted to learn for sometime however due unforseen circumstances they got brushed off.

In addition to my multiple sewing projects I have an outfit I am transforming. I have had the outfit for some time now and the idea was I will grow into it but I never did so now is the time to transform it to my size and wear it.

When this was getting made in Ghana, I didn’t send my measurement and I assume my grandad thought I had put on weight. The dress was almost twice my size when I got it first. The initial style was halter neck however I have completely change the style to an off shoulder-like dress.


The questions is to whether have this as a skirt and top or a dress. A dress will be easier in themes of having the supplies I need whereas a top and skirt are the easiest to put together.

Until next time, stay tuned to see the final product.



Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated – Black Lives Matter Too

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Hello and welcome. The past few weeks has been quite hard for me to put into words. It has been difficult because being treated differently because of our skin colour is something that I have had to live with for as long as I can remember.

Even when travelling at times I  experience that. I have tried to cover it up with such things as blogging and making YouTube videos. This all includes the fear of losing a job or not having your contract renewed as well as an internal position you applied for being given to someone else leaving you wondering if you will ever find a job and being told you are unprofessional when you stick up for yourself.

This is a daily thing. My frustration is I did really well covering it up and what is happening now is forcing me to revisit all the terrible experiences I have done so well at covering up with hobby and other things.

Prior to this was videos of the Chinese authorities treating african in China with no respect and even making it seem like we brought about corona virus whereas the truth really is that it started from Wuhan. In addition to posters saying blacks are not allowed in a Mcdonalds restaurant and if you see any to call the police. This type of ignorance is beyond me. 🤷🏿‍♀️

To be born black is not a choice I made but would not change it for a thing. Racist individuals will never have a peace of mind. As a Christian I rest and depend on God and thus have peace of mind although at times I get angry there’s one thing that is inivetable which is death, regardless of whatever race you are. You will meet the creator whether you like it or not or believe it or don’t and answer for yourself.

Rest in peace George Floyd 🕊️

Rest in peace Ahmaud Aubrey 🕊️

Rest in peace Breanna Taylor 🕊️

Until next time, keep safe and “treat others the way you want to be treated”.




Introducing the fabrics

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Hello and welcome. In this post I will be introducing the fabrics I am currently working with. I recently went to Ghana and got myself a few fabric from woodin; I also have fabrics gifted to me from woodin. These fabrics are of good quality and beautiful patterns. In addition to the woodin, I have also bought other fabrics such as scuba and silk charmeuse from ebay which will be turned into a skirt or dress soon.


I am very happy with what I am working on at the moment although it’s taking longer than it should. I will have to try and stay focus and finish at least one. I am such a perfectionist that, before I cut the fabric I would have investigated and researched to ensure I do not waste the fabric. So please bare with me and in due time I will reveal what I have completed.

Until next time, I am sewing my way through.


Staying Focused in 2020

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope this post finds you well. 2020 may have started fun and gotten a majority confused however I am pretty much trying to stay focused.

I am not experimenting with as much recipe as I used to and I had to cut down on the time I spent on putting together the meals in order to use that time in a different endeavour. Let’s just say I had to reshuffle a few things.

One other thing I will sharing is my sewing endeavours. I made a dress for a friend’s wedding last year August which I believe turned out OK and this year I have upped my game a bit. Yes I did invest in a sewing machine and have even made a face mask.

Stay tuned for this new adventure. 




19 out of 40 days fasting & praying

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I have not really blogged for a well and somewhat going off course. In this post I will share my half way but not really half way fasting and praying experience.

This is not the first time I have done this. Check out the video below where I discuss what I have learnt in this fasting and praying session. Do share your fasting and praying experience.

Until next time, stay safe and happy fasting.



With a heavy heart… Rest In Peace Uyinene🕊️

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The last time I felt this hopeless and hurt with pain indescribable was when I was not able to obtain finances for my master at one of the best Universities in the world. I guess you can call it existential crisis.

It’s has been a couple of weeks since Uyinene passed away. I accidently stabled upon her picture on Russel Simmons Instagram and thought she may have won something so my curiosity pushed me to read the words that lied underneath.

I cannot beginning to tell the ounce of hopelessness, hurt, pain and how scared I feel now as a young woman. The more I know the more I ask myself what is the point. The fuss, the fight, what is the point at all with this life that someone feels the need to end another person’s because of their selfish, greedy and sick desire. Showing no remorse, your only words of comfort was she took too long to die. Its because she was not meant to die you robbed it off her and went to bed like nothing happened.

We are becoming more wicked each day. This young girl owed the devil of a man nothing. On her way to collect her parcel only to be lured into a wicked trap. His intention to humiliate and end her life. You may ask why because she’s a beautiful young woman. A life giver who’s life was robbed of her.

Since I read this story I’ve have some panic attacks, I wake up each morning feeling so sorrowful. Mind you I do not know her personally and have never met her. And as I type now I am tearing up.

I can only imagine the pain your mother feels Uyinene. From the first day she held you with joy when you were born to the day a wicked animal crush you to death.

When I think of your mother this is what comes to mind. On Christmas physically you won’t be there and there will be no one to occupy your room.

Uyinene is never going to graduate, she will never come home and say mum this is the man I want to marry nor is she going to come home and share the news of expecting her first child.  Now I sit and think about all the would haves, should haves, could haves. This is now all a memory puff away like a vapour. This is the pain such act causes families.

Not a day goes by that I do not pray for your mother Uyinene and your brother too. Who can accept such a story about their beloved child. I used to love Saturdays but now on  Saturday I remember all the stories I have read about when she was last seen, her crying out for help and no one there to help her. Your blood has cried out really loud and has brought much shame to the justice system of SA hopefully many will not have to go through such thing again.

At the age of 19 I was in university, I had fun with friends and had the opportunity to work for a year abroad. University was a place you  learn, make friends and learn a few things about life lesson. Unfortunately this has been cut short for you. The one you will hold with care and awe others will crush and destroy. What happened to be your brothers keepers.

I’m so sorry for what happened to you and the fact that you had to endure it for that long with no one coming to your aid. This shows the action of the justice system in SA you have been silent and provided less sentences which has given way for such things to happen. Furthermore had the HR department done a proper check, this evil will not been working at the post office. And the worse is the was a police station right next to the post office. Clearly this man doesn’t care and if he got away with before he can again.

As a Christian I will continue to pray for your family because if I cannot take it how much more them. My prayer is for God to strengthen them and enable them to move forward in life, a deeper healing and restoration.

Finally, I had a dream of visiting South Africa one day but I have to bury that dream before it buries me as a young woman.

Until next time rest in perfect peace baby girl.




Brown Skin Girl

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Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope Beyoncé doesn’t mind me taking her shine for 5 seconds. I’m very excited about this particular poster and thought to make one for myself 😂 but I tried.


With that being said the track brown skin girl on the sound track is giving a voice to all the brown and dark skin girls out there that we are beautiful. Over and over again we have the media in particular favouring individuals with light skin over the darker ones and to make it worse some of our own men making jokes about us. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Hence why it’s called “Brown skin girl”.

I just read an article where the young princess in a cartoon forfeited her beauty to see the Prince and with her being white in complexion, the creater of the cartoon thought it was wise to turn the princess dark and with blemishes as a sign of uglyness.


This is 2019 and slowly this is being fed to children and minors that if your are brown or any darker you are not considered beautiful but rather ugly. Why is this dangerous? Well it is because some people are using some harmful chemicals to lighten their skin colour. These chemicals have permanently damaged their skin and others have to be hospitalised.

In addition to Africa, other continent are partial to light skin individuals and are given more opportunities than the darker skin tones individuals. This I believe started during the slave trade where Africans were seen as not of any value. The curves of our body and versitility of our hair was frown upon and the only way to not exhit what is beautiful is indoctrination. “You must look like your masters” even if it will kill you.

A person’s intelligence and creativity is never dependent on the colour of their skin but rather the mind and vision. Let’s lift each other up in encouragement rather than tear ourselves down for something we had no power over.


I won’t apologise for being brown skin although the struggle is real and if I must confess sometimes I feel like screaming “It’s not my fault I was born dark skin” albeit I won’t change it for a thing. It is a struggle but a struggle that is moulding me for the better.

Young girl reading this, you are beautiful the way you are. You are moulded by God’s very own hands and He paid a high price for you so please do not sell yourself short.

Until next time, love the skin you are in and remember that God made you beautiful too.


Is 진심이 닿다 “Touch Your Heart” worth watching? ðŸ¤”

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Hello and welcome to my blog. In this post I will attempt to point out a few reasons why you should or should not watch 진심이 닿다: “Touch Your Heart” the Korean drama.


Should you or should you not watch the drama 😏

I have mentioned in previous post that I had recently started watching Korean drama which I enjoy. Almost all the ones I have watched thus far had an element of romance in it. It can be a  bit cringy and annoying however this particular one I find very different. Personally, I prefer comedy genres  as the romantic genres at times will inflate your hopes of how you think it should be in real life only to face reality and be utterly disappointed. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Initially, I didn’t want to watch it, because I was looking for a non romantic one to watch and after reading the synopsis I thought mmmm🤔 no not for me. The initial plan was to watch Radiant rather.

However since I like to listen to Music by EXO, I stumbled upon Make It Count by Chen on YouTube and it had scenes from the drama. Before that Viki Rakuten had an ad for this drama which I watched part and accidentally skipped. I was happy when I stumbled upon the music video for Make It Count as it showed some of the scenes in the drama, through which I managed to find out the name of the drama. I was not utterly convinced but I  started watching it anyway and I was hooked like a fish on a biat. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Touch Your Heart

진심이 닿다; Touch Your Heart promotional picture

It is a 16 episode drama about a celebrity who got caught up in a scandal for which she was innocent however it seemed like the degree of the scandal had destroyed her image and reputation. She had to work in a law firm as a secretary to a Mr D’Arcy-like character who eventually fell for her. The plan was for her to get a feel of what lawyers do in order to make a come back in a law related drama. I will allow you to watch it for yourself. You have 16 episodes to watch so ensure you get your favourite snack put up your feet and enjoy. 😊

Touch your heart 2

The plot and script
For me the screen writers and the directors did really well. I love the comedic part of the drama. I will say it has a good balance of comedy and romance. It also has a good balance of fun and escalated suspense as well. I loved how the chemistry between the  lead characters: Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook organically developed. Something we can learn from nowadays instead of rushing into a relationship, it’s best to get to know the person first. Don’t be in a rush to be booed up. I understand they have worked together on Goblin which I have not seen yet. I loved how the story developed for the lead and for the entire drama. I first encountered Yoo In Na in Love from the stars but I have not watched all the episodes either. 🤷🏾‍♀️

May I also add that I was surprised when I found out Yoo In Na’s age. I thought she was younger than how old she currently is. Turns out she’s older than me. Thumbs up 👍🏿 to you girl you have taken good care of yourself. 


A screenshot from Viki Rakuten

The characters
From the receptionist to the lawyers, I believe the characters were perfect and the actors and actresses did a create job. I feel they all jelled and worked together really well to successfully finish this drama. I found the CEO so hilarious. The over ambitious interns did it for me too. 

Another interesting couple on the drama. Via Viki Rakuten

Other things 
The subtle ads were not hard to miss *laugh. You will encounter subtle ad from Samsung, subway, chanel, volkswagen, tinder and tiktok.

Should you watch it? Ta younaa gyee! Lol Of course! it will not be a waste of time. In terms of quality and intriguing story line, I put this drama in the same busket as I have put Another Oh Hae Young however they are very different.


Via Viki Rakuten 

Where do people actually find love?
Even though there was subtle tinder ad, the drama shows that, other places you can meet people or others find love I guess more easily is in the workplace. In the drama, they all found love in the workplace apart from one that started from school.

You can get to know how someone is better in the workplace as you spend most of your time there however if it doesn’t work out you will have to deal with the awkwardness of seeing them over and over again. 😕 Unless you neutralise it somehow.

When it ended 
I shed a bit of tear at the end not because it ended but even though it was just a drama, there was a pinch of genuinity in the last lines by the two main characters. Through their action you are able to see how genuine their love for each other is, which is rare in real life.

Not everyone got who they liked in the drama so there is some reality in it as in real life not everyone ends up with who you may really like, love and think is best for them. Cest la vie.

Last but not least the sound track is great apart from one song which I feel didn’t really tie in well with the drama. The line of the song went something like this: ‘liedy, leidy, leidy’ I believe. 🤦🏾‍♀️

If you have seen it let me know what you think and if you have not watched it or looking for a drama to watch I believe this is a must watch.

Now that it has ended I feel the void and looking for another to watch. 😔

Until next time, 안녕히 가세요 – an-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo. 👋🏿



 Here is my take on “My Amazing Boyfriend” 我的奇妙男友

I’ve been gone for a minute…

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Hello all so it has been a while since I blogged. I have been a bit busy with studying and mainly sort of focusing on editing my videos for YouTube.

I am also thinking about what to use this particular blog for I have an idea but I won’t do anything until I am really sure.

I have decided to move my fashion post to Iryn Boateng because I can add videos so which mean the blog will come with a video instead of just pictures. I might duplicate my posts however the post on this site will not have videos. I still have not decided yet. Until next it’s bye from me.